The Life Alchemy Method:

A 90-Day Intensive to Transcend the Struggles Holding You Back from your Dreams, Claim your Personal Power, and Create a Fulfilling Life Path


Alchemy: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way


What is The Life Alchemy Method? It's a blend of Transformational Coaching, Flower Essence Therapy, and Lifestyle Design


Lifestyle Design - Map out and design your dream life, then create and live it.


Flower Essence Therapy - A holistic modality of vibrational plant medicine that addresses profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They transmute toxic emotions and patterns into personal power and empowered ways of being.


Transformational Coaching - A powerful modality of coaching designed to uncover what's blocking you and overcome it, support you in reaching your greatest potential, get soul clarity on your life purpose, and create mindblowing results in your life without you having to remember to be different. 


 Are you ready to experience the transformation of The Life Alchemy Method in your life?

Are you ready to create the change you deeply desire but has been eluding you?

What do you need to make this time different?

The right system so you know what steps to take and when, the support to reach your maximum potential and achieve great success, and the accountability to give you a kick in the butt when you've fallen off track. 

You need someone that is going to ask you questions nobody else will ask you and say things nobody else will say. 

You need someone that's not in your "story" of why you can't create the life you dream of and instead guides you to new possibilities.

Are you ready to experience transformation and create new possibilities?


What's Included:

  • 12 Weekly, Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions
    In these 45 min coaching calls, I’ll share curated information and customized coaching exercises that are GUARANTEED to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see transformation in your life – FAST.

  • Emergency Email Support Between Sessions 
    Emergencies come up, right? That’s why you have access to support via 
    email between sessions. Expect a personal response from me within 24-48 hours.

  • Customized Done-For-You Materials Such As Checklists, Recipes, Handouts And More
    This program doesn’t exist to give you MORE information; it exists to give you CURATED information. What that means is that what you can expect is information that is relevant, practical and actionable, so you can stay out of overwhelm and in action.

  • Transformation Kit 
    Your custom crafted Life Alchemy Formula that is a blend of flower essences and aromatherapy to powerfully create shifts in your being and your life, a visioning tool to intuit your right path and commune with that which is greater, and a journal to process and integrate your transformation.


Bonus #1 Mastering Money: 4-Week Intensive to Overcome Money Blocks and Create a New Money Legacy - $1000 Value

  • Uncover your money type to see how you currently spend, save, invest, and create money, and learn how your money type does those things best
  • Get clear on your money story so you can change it and create a new money legacy
  • Understand what your money blocks are and how to bust through them
  • Create a new empowered relationship with money

Bonus # 2 Boss Babe's Boss Body Masterclass - $250 Value

  • Learn what foods give you energy and take away so you can be in high vitality and full of energy to create your boss life
  • Understand the cycle of cravings so that you rule them and they don't rule you
  • Discover methods of releasing stress and working with instead of against it
  • Create a movement menu of fun ways to move your body that feel good, so you can end the cycle of beating yourself up for not going to the gym
  • Get fun, easy, and delicious recipes to nourish your boss body

Bonus # 3 Temple Ro Fringe Kimono Robe - $180 Value

  • All fringe black robe
  • 10" fringe trim
  • One Size
  • Super soft vegan cashmere Modal/Spandex placket
  • Made in San Francisco


Bonus #4 1-Year Subscription to the Astroforecast by The Goddess Circle - $35 Value

  • 12 complete issues of The Astro Forecast (1 Full Year from time of signup!)
  • Daily guidance and wisdom on all the profound energetic shifts
  • Daily cosmic quick tips
  • All lunar changes complete with guidance, wisdom and information
  • In depth information on the planetary aspects and alignments
  • Retrograde energy, Eclipses, Equinox and Solstice information and guidance
  • New & Full Moon complete forecasts, correspondences, and affirmations
  • Monthly Calendar with lunar and solar movements
  • Asteroid Goddess forecasts + Much more!!!

Bonus #5 Chakra Mandala Mindful Coloring Book from Art By Adelaide - $20 Value

  • Inspire creativity while grounding into a meditative Mandala focal point
  • Easy to tear out and frame your colorful heArt-work
  • a tool to help bring families closer together, de-stress after long work days, reduce anxiety, distract from chronic pain, and overall help with creating a space for self-healing. 
  • Great for adults and kids, this Coloring Book is filled with 100% hand-drawn mandalas that are both playful and intricate.

Investment Options:

  3 Investments of $788
  Total Investment: $2,364


      Invest in Full: $1,997