Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship

In this 6-week apprenticeship program, you will gain a foundation for herbal medicine, and dive deep into the many different forms of medicine making. The apprenticeship also thoroughly covers Flower Essence Therapy for emotional and mental healing. You will also learn herbal and holistic beauty care, and will be able to make your own beauty products or even start your own line!

Course Overview

  • Week 1 - Plant Orientation + Kitchen Prep:
    • Developing Your Relationship to Plants
    • Discovering Your Local Plants
    • Sustainable Sourcing and Ethical Wildcrafting
    • Starting Your Materia Medica 
    • Setting Up Kitchen for Medicine Making.


  • Week 2 - Herbal Medicine Making - Part 1
    • Medicinal Teas
    • Herbal Syrups
    • Tinctures
    • Herbal Oils and Vinegars


  • Week 3 - Herbal Medicine Making - Part 2
    • Herbal Pills
    • Compresses & Poultices
    • Herbal Salves


  • Week 4 - Flower Essences
    • Emotional & Mental Healing w/ Flower Essences
    • Flower Essence Usage
    • How to make Flower Essences
    • Building your Materia Medica of Flowers


    • Week 5 - Making Beauty Products - Part 1
      • Baths Salts & Oils
      • Body Creams, Lotions, & Scrubs
      • Massage Oils


  • Week 6 - Making Beauty Products - Part 2
    • Facial Care
    • Hair Care
    • Aromatherapy Perfumes 

Whats Included:

  • 6 Weekly, Private, One-On-One Herbal Apprenticeship Sessions
    In these 50 min calls, I’ll share curated information and customized lesson plans to teach you what you need to know, so you can become an herbalist.

  • Email/Text Support Between Sessions 
    Questions come up, right? That’s why you have access to support via
    email and/or text between sessions. Expect a personal response from me within 24 hours or 48 hours on weekends.

  • Customized Done-For-You Materials: Checklists, Recipes, Handouts, & More
    This program doesn’t exist to give you MORE information; it exists to give
    you CURATED information. What that means is that what you can expect is
    information that is relevant, practical and actionable, so you can stay out of
    overwhelm and in action. 

  Investment Options

 2 Investments of $499 
  Total Investment - $998



                                        Invest in Full: $788