Kouros Alaee, your guide to your best life ever.


Kouros Alaee, a health coach and  herbalist, has spent the past decade in deep self discovery. She immersed herself in the studies of holistic health, herbal medicine, personal development, coaching, aromatherapy, and permaculture. Her journey of self -empowerment and radical self love has led her down a path of deep transformation. She has overcome childhood abuse and become empowered in her authentic expression as a transgender woman. She also lost 85 lbs by overcoming emotional binge eating and shifting to a plant based diet. Having experienced first hand the impact and value this transformation has had on her life, she is passionate about guiding other's through their own transformation in health and lifestyle.


Kouros's focus is weaving her areas of expertise to coach and support women in losing weight, loving their bodies, feeling sexy, and thriving in their authentic expression.


If you are, or know any women that want to love their bodies and feel sexier, schedule time to connect with Kouros by clicking : Here